Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Barcelona Zoo from the Festival Village

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What better family excursion then visiting the Barcelona Zoo, with easy transport links from directly outside the Festival Village Apartments it could not be easier for the family to have a fun day out

Barcelona Zoological Park first opened its gates on the Day of the Merçe, patron saint of Barcelona, 1982. The collection of animals on show there came from a private collection kept by Lluís Martí I Codolar at la Granja Vella, his estate in Horta. He offered the animals to Barcelona city Council, and the mayor, Manuel Porcar, gave his approval to their purchase and the subsequent move to the publicly-owned site that was left vacant in Ciutadella Park after the 1988 Universal Exposition.

The approach to the zoological park has evolved with the times, forming a process in which improvements in the living conditions of the animals has been the prime objective

Barcelona Zoo is set in a magnificent garden over 100 years old, covering 13 hectares of Ciutadella Park and containing a collection of some 7,500 individual animals belonging to more than 400 species from all over the world, including:

A large collection of primates, all in danger of extinction. Barcelona Zoo was privileged to have had Snowflake (Gorilla) who was the star attraction. He was the only albino gorilla known to exist, and was found in 1966 in what was the Spanish Guinea. He lived with a total of 4 females, all black, and they had many offspring, 5 of which 1 male and 4 females survived. Nevertheless, the Bormean orangutants (Pongo pygmaeus) are also important – a baby called Jawie was born in 1997 – as is the collection of this, the world’s smallest monkeys, and the small primate house, where there are the grey and collared mangabeys (Cercocebus sp.), whose reproduction in captivity is being monitored by our zoologists. Snowflake died in 2003.

The collection of tamarins, the smallest monkeys in the world and the gallery of small primates, the grey mangabey and white-crowned mangabey (Cercocebus sp.) among others, whose reproduction in captivity is controlled by the zoo. There are lots more animals for everyone to see and enjoy for a fantastic family holiday.

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