Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tarragona from the Festival Village

There could not be an easier way to get from the Festival Village Apartments in Salou to Tarragona it is right on your doorstep with a fantastic transport link outside these Salou apartments. Take full advantage and visit this city whilst here in the Costa Dorada.

Tarragona has two sides. Both are very different. On first seeing Tarragona you will be aware of the modern city sights on arrival, example’s of the industry going on around the area. The other face of Tarragona is more hidden, but once found it is a beautiful area of culture and history. Tarragona is the capital of this province and is an area of great Roman historical and architectural importance. The area is now protected historical by the World Heritage.

Tarragona is inhabited by 115.000 residents and is a short 10 km trip from Salou. There are various sites that allow you to experience the history of this area.

Going down to the harbour, next to the river Francoli, you can see the Necropolis, which was discovered by the Tobacco industries, in 1923 when they were looking for a suitable site for their factories.

The harbour and the commercial centre join to create an area that is used both socially and is where you can experience Tarragona by the sea.

During your visit you can see the Roman amphitheatre, the praetorium, the roman walls, the roman circus, the aqueduct known as the “Devil’s Bridge”, in addition to interesting museums. Tarragona´s Cathedral is beautiful and is in one of the most interesting zones of the city which includes the university vice-chancellorship, the town hall and some of the most outstanding stately homes of the medieval period: Casa Castellarnau and Casa Montoliu.

As well as history and culture Tarragona has an indoor shopping mall known as Parc Central, where you can experience some of Spain’s more famous shops like Zara and Mango.

The Festival Village Apartments in Salou is the perfect base to discover Tarragona and the Costa Daurada. This Salou apartments combine the freedom of large one and two bedrooms apartments with all the facilities of an all inclusive hotel, the Festival Village offers the best of both worlds.

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