Monday, December 21, 2009


Salou is a tourist and residential city that has consolidated its capital role as the leisure and service centre of the Costa Dorada through the diversity of its offer and the quality and quantity of its tourism facilities.

With this, on the hand, it presents itself as a holiday destination and reference point, concentrating the majority of the basic tourism industry infrastructure in the Tarragona region. Salou is home to the amazing theme park Port Aventura which attracts millions of holiday makers to this area.

The Festival Village Apartments is situated in Cap Salou just on the edge of Salou but with easy access right in to Salou either by public transport, or leisurely walking.

The Costa Dorada offers good temperatures; safe, orderly shallow beaches offering all services and equipment; hidden coves of great natural and scenic interest; an urban design plan that gives centre stage to green spaces, plants, design and the architecture of the landscape; points of historical, architectural and monumental interest; a varied entertainment and leisure on offer; and quality facilities have all helped to run Salou into the “Capital of the Costa Daurada” and to earn the top rating for a family holiday destination in Catalunya.

The main stretch of beach in Salou is 3 km long making it ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the shallow waters of the Mediterranean. For the more adventurous journey, try the water sports on offer such as water skiing or jet skiing.The promenade runs alongside the beach making it an ideal walk, especially at dusk to watch the fantastic sunsets, and fountain show of an evening with music and lights

On the promenade you can see a statue of king Jaime I, from the 16th Century. Another relic of the area is the Torre Vella, a building which is located just behind the railway station, and helped Salou to be safe from the Turkish pirates and is now used as a museum or weddings.
The main shopping area of Salou is at the far end of the promenade and is where you will find the Avenida Andorra. Around here you will find shops open in the day and most evenings.

Out of all the apartments in Salou, the Festival village offers you a fantastic location to explore the area of Salou and the Costa Dorada along with been the only apartments also offer you all inclusive, making it the ideal destination for families.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Reus from the Festival Village Salou

Reus is an example of a medium sized Catalan town with a clear Mediterranean influence, located at 100 km from Barcelona and 8 km from the beaches of the Costa Dorada, and 20-25 minutes journey from the Festival Village Aparments in Salou. Today it is a major shopping and cultural centre for southern Catalonia.

Reus is also home to the local airport for Salou and the Costa Dorada just 20 minutes away from the Festival Village Aparments in Salou.

The world famous architect Antoni Gaudi was born in Reus on 25th June 1852, it was here that the future architect grew up, made friends and received his early education before leaving for Barcelona. Some of his closest associates were also from his home town, including the architects Joan Rubio I Bellver, Domenech Sugranyes and Francesc Berenguer, as well as several of his future clients.

On the 150th anniversary of the birth of Antoni Gaudi, the itinerary “Gaudi’s Reus” was created, a sentimental journey to find out about Antoni Gaudi’s life and his links to his town. The town still recalls the places the young Gaudi frequented during the sixteen years he lived here, as well as on his later visits: the house where he was born, the church where he was christened, the school he attended, the place where he met up with friends and associates.

We also recommend that you visit the exhibition “Gaudi’s Reus” at the Salvador Vilaseca local museum. This presents Gaudi’s background and family, and helps visitors to find out about some of the most significant sides to this personality and view of the world, as well as his links to Reus throughout his life.

The arrival of Lluis Domenech i Montaner, the other great architect of the time, marked the beginning of Reus brilliant modernist period. He was in charge of the building project which was to create the Pere Mata psychiatric institute, begun in 1898.

The Reus modernist Trail was created to help to find out about this modernist heritage. It is a pleasant stroll through the centre of Reus, where there is a wide range of shopping and leisure facilities on offer. The route is especially signposted and the buildings are identified with plaques, so that you can discover the town’s finest modernist sights.

Cap Salou and the Festival Village Salou is the ideal family base for a fantastic holiday to explore the means and facilities the Costa Dorada has to offer with a huge range of history.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tarragona from the Festival Village

There could not be an easier way to get from the Festival Village Apartments in Salou to Tarragona it is right on your doorstep with a fantastic transport link outside these Salou apartments. Take full advantage and visit this city whilst here in the Costa Dorada.

Tarragona has two sides. Both are very different. On first seeing Tarragona you will be aware of the modern city sights on arrival, example’s of the industry going on around the area. The other face of Tarragona is more hidden, but once found it is a beautiful area of culture and history. Tarragona is the capital of this province and is an area of great Roman historical and architectural importance. The area is now protected historical by the World Heritage.

Tarragona is inhabited by 115.000 residents and is a short 10 km trip from Salou. There are various sites that allow you to experience the history of this area.

Going down to the harbour, next to the river Francoli, you can see the Necropolis, which was discovered by the Tobacco industries, in 1923 when they were looking for a suitable site for their factories.

The harbour and the commercial centre join to create an area that is used both socially and is where you can experience Tarragona by the sea.

During your visit you can see the Roman amphitheatre, the praetorium, the roman walls, the roman circus, the aqueduct known as the “Devil’s Bridge”, in addition to interesting museums. Tarragona´s Cathedral is beautiful and is in one of the most interesting zones of the city which includes the university vice-chancellorship, the town hall and some of the most outstanding stately homes of the medieval period: Casa Castellarnau and Casa Montoliu.

As well as history and culture Tarragona has an indoor shopping mall known as Parc Central, where you can experience some of Spain’s more famous shops like Zara and Mango.

The Festival Village Apartments in Salou is the perfect base to discover Tarragona and the Costa Daurada. This Salou apartments combine the freedom of large one and two bedrooms apartments with all the facilities of an all inclusive hotel, the Festival Village offers the best of both worlds.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting around Festival Village

These Salou apartments are in the ideal location if you are wanting to get around and explore the Costa Dorada, the Festival Village is located on a fantastic public bus route with easy access to all cities and towns. However sometimes the best way to experience a country is to take to the roads and do your own exploring. You make your own timetable and visit all these places in the Costa Dorada and Catalunya area, which you couldn’t normally reach.

If you want a taste of adventure, but don’t want to spend too much time looking for the right car and the best places to go, then in reception you can be given advise on the best sizes of car for you party or for the type of journey you are planning. The hotel staff in the Festival Village has a fountain of information so you can also use their knowledge of the area to advice on the best places to visit.

To hire a car in Spain you need to be 21 years old or above and hold a current European licence or a British licence.
Driving tips and information: Drive on the right, overtake on the left. Yield right of way to all traffic coming from the right. Spanish drivers tend to use their horn during daytime or lights at night when passing other vehicles.
Note: On the motorways in Catalonia the word for exit is Sortida, while in the rest of Spain is Salida.
The maximum speed limit is 120 km/h (75 mph) on motorways, 100 km/h (62 mph) or 90 km/h (56 mph) on other roads and 50 km/h in towns and built up areas.

The best part of been all inclusive is that you do not have to worry about those extra pennies for food and drink as we have all that for you, so you can spend you extra cash on making the most of your holiday here in the Costa Dorada.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Costa Dorada

Costa Dorada is a paradise for sun-loving family people. The amount of golden sandy beaches is why this area is called the Costa Dorada which means Golden Coast. The protection of the surrounding mountain range ensures a stable climate. The beaches here shelve gently into the sea making it popular for all ages.

The Costa Dorada is the most southern part of Catalunya. The Costa Dorada covers a coast line of 216 km and it goes from Cunit in the north to the end of the Delta del Ebro river in the south. The resorts along the coast have mainly been built up around fishing villages. Between the sea and the backdrop of mountains there is a wide area of farmland, small towns and villages in which you can find olive groves and vineyards.

This area now caters for an average of 3.500.000 visitors a year. The main resorts in the Costa Dorada are:

Salou – Home to Port Aventura and just minutes away from the Festival Village apartments.
Cap Salou – Just located on the edge of Salou and is home to Festival Village.
La Pineda – Home of the Aquopolis Water Park and also minutes away from Cap Salou and the Festival Village.
Cambrils – Traditional fishing village.

Also in the Costa Dorada if you prefer city life and atmosphere you are very close to Reus and Tarragona only 20 minutes on public transport from Cap Salou. You have even got Barcelona which is only an hour away.

The Costa Dorada has lots to offer families as does the Festival Village, with the uniqueness of been the only apartments in Salou to offer all inclusive and a very friendly family atmosphere, with the whole of the Costa Dorada at your finger tips this is the perfect holiday location.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Salou parks

Aquopolis water park:

La Pineda is a leisurely 20 – 30 minute walk or just 5 minutes on the public bus from Cap Salou which stops right outside the Festival Village Salou.

This water park offers something for everyone to enjoy, from small children’s slides to thrilling and exciting large water slides. If you do not fancy anything too energetic then you can watch the free Dolphin and sea lion show or just sit back and relax on the sun bathing terraces. A Great day out for all the family.

For thrills, spills and excitement for all the family Port aventura is a must, just 15 minutes away from the Festival Village and Cap Salou, you will be sure to have a fantastic day out. The whole family can enjoy, roller coasters, water rides, simulators, and much more.

Port Aventura offers some of the best shows ever seen in the Costa Dorada, experience the atmosphere of 5 different worlds, Mediterranea, Far West, Polynesia, China and Mexico all offering something different and unique for everyone to enjoy.

Go all inclusive and spend your extra money and one the pleasures above to ensure you have a fantastic family holiday.

Situated at the Theme Park of Port Aventura in Salou you will find another fantastic family water park.

Designed to give you the feel of been in the Caribbean, you can sit back on a deck chair and listen to the reggae music or participate in the exciting water rides. Costa Caribe also has a small indoor section for the cooler days, with rides for all the family.
These 3 main attractions of Salou are a must, by choosing the Festival Village all inclusive apartments you are in a perfect family location to ensure you are able to experience these fun family days out.

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